Close Critical Business Deals

“Lois Wong is phenomenal and has made a difference in bringing forth her enthusiasm and expertise to building an organization that serves the community. She plays a pivotal role in CCICE by engaging the audience with her excellent presentation skills. In the back scene, I had the pleasure to also work with her with several clients to see her in action. Lois is extremely organized, extremely resourceful and understands what it takes to close a sales deal. Her attention to detail is what makes the difference. She is able to clearly see where there is a need and its impact to lead the effort and point a team in the right direction. Lois is easy going and extremely personable, she is networked in the industry and can draw upon resources easily. I enjoy working with Lois and highly recommend her to share her skills and help build upon her expertise to help others succeed.”  Sara Rauchwerger, Founder & Director, C.C. International Consortium of Entrepreneurs


Revenue Results

“I had the pleasure of working with Lois for about a year, during which time I was very impressed with her social interaction and sales skills. Lois is a great relationship-developer who truly understands human psychology and buyer behavior which is why she was clearly so successful in opening so many doors at CxO level and expert in driving Medical industry solutions success at Sanmina. She remains a valued, trusted and respected individual with demonstrable sales and interpersonal skills.”  Andy Mears, Senior Director, Global Sales and Account Mgt, Sanmina-SCI”


“As an undergraduate student at Stanford working towards a career in law, I had the opportunity to work with Lois during my internship at a boutique law firm in Silicon Valley. She managed the project I was working on: purchasing and implementing a CRM (Customer Relation Management) software to track projects to close deals. We analyzed forty CRM packages closely and finally chose one to purchase. We worked closely with the founder of the law firm to consolidate 4000 contacts and import them into the software.

From the very get-go, Lois established a systematic schedule incorporating organized steps and weekly goals to meet. Throughout the duration of my internship, Lois kept the project on track even with unforeseen circumstances that threw a wrench in our planning.  I learned how to manage a project from start to finish and also learned about etiquette in a business environment. Not only is Lois an expert at managing projects efficiently, but she is a great motivator with a dynamic and energetic personality as well. Lois provided me with great mentorship to further my career prospects in business and law.”
Tiffany Quach, Stanford Pre-Law Student


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