Close Critical Business Deals
Hold lots of meetings but hardly ever close a deal?  Are customers sitting on the fence? 

  • Learn the elements of closing a deal
  • Understand customer requirements and address them
  • Build strategic relationships
  • Learn what successful closers say
  • Participate in cross-selling introductions
  • Provide solutions to client business issues

Business Development – Building a Book of Business
Sell at the Highest Levels – Fortune 500
Consultative Solution Selling
Identify business opportunities and close new business
Learn the follow principles:

  • Indentify, prospect, qualify, and engage target clients.
  • Establish value proposition for target client
  • Prepare strategy, goals, and agenda.
  • Manage proposal effort
  • Administer Client Needs Analysis 
  • Develop, evaluate and manage new opportunity pipeline
  • Close strategic business opportunities, initiatives, and partnerships
  • Build business leads; create and present sales proposals to prospective customers through direct sales, integrators, and  sales channels;
  • Build relationship at the CXO levels
  • Develop comprehensive sales strategies
  • Execute strategy
  • Communicate with executives
  • Manage long complex sales cycles
  • Close the deal

Account Management – Growing Existing Business
Maintain and grow business. Create demand for business

  • Keep in touch without being a pest
  • Ask for Referrals
  • Identify engagement process and value drivers
  • Discuss key benefits and the impact on their business
  • Understands  and position against competition
  • Maintains and protects existing business
  • Schedule regular customer meetings
  • Continually to build value for partners 
  • Close the deal

What is Your Body Language Saying?  Don’t Lie to Me
Public speaking is one of the biggest fears.  It’s essential to rehearse your presentation before a big meeting.  However, have you ever heard someone say, “Remember to practice your body language, too.” Learn to synchronize the non-verbal body cues with your voice intonation prior to your presentation or big business meeting. 

  • Facilitate meetings for revenue results
  • Prepare strategy, goals, and agenda
  • Research Requirements
  • Cultural Considerations
  • Talk Less, Listen More

Pitching to Investors for Millions of Dollars
With millions of presentations given per day, most of them too technical and boring, distinguish yours and gain a competitive edge. Learn to present a product, service, or solution effectively. Avoid the 4 biggest mistakes made when pitching your start-up company.

  • Elements of a dynamic pitch
  • Consultative presentation and coaching
  • Present custom solution to needs
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Answer the 25 questions investors ask

Job Transition – Get Hired!
Angry about your layoff?   Feeling alone? With unemployment numbers estimated to be as high as 22% in California thousands of people are unemployed.  Look around you.  That’s about one out of every 6 people who are unemployed. You’re not alone. When you’re ready, get a coach, get your game on, and get hired.

  • Interviewing Skills Development
  • Answer value-based behavior questions
  • Review your resume
  • Watch your body language

Networking Skills Development

  • Introductions into Networking Circles
  • Elements of networking
  • Using Linkedin

Small Business Operations and Development
Small businesses are nimble.  However, all too often, the business goes through adolescent growing pains.  For example let’s say the company would like to hire a key account manager.  Is there a job description, who will the person report to, how will goals and objectives be communicated, where will that person sit?

  • Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Remove daily operation obstacles
  • Address communication issues
  • Recommend resources

Coaching Methodology
Telephone Coaching 
Face-to-Face Coaching 
Virtual Coaching 
Conference Call

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