Success Stories

Close Critical Business Deals
Learn the principles of closing deals. Learn to read the executive’s body language, understand the behaviors that successful closers use, increase revenues by closing that critical business partnership.  

“At the height of the recession when spending had been cut back sharply, Lois introduced and helped us close a major sponsor for the International Consortium of Entrepreneurs.” – Henry Wong, Partner, Garage Technology Ventures 

 “I worked with Lois for several years, implementing the outsourcing strategies of 2 companies. Lois was exceptional in her ability to strike a balance between meeting the needs of our companies and those of her organization. Her calm and confident approach to guiding us through the evaluation, negotiation and execution phases was absolutely superlative and made both projects successful.” – Jim Eby, VP, Engineering & Operations, Stereotaxis, Inc. 

Revenue Results
Is your business revenue down because of the recession?  This is a common complaint in the last two years.  Meet Jay, who said exactly that.  After working together for 4 weeks, his business started to take off lifting revenues almost 40%.  Here’s his story. 

After detailing Lois’ car, she was so impressed with my work that we talked further about focusing on the business to grow revenue.  We put in place a simple sales and marketing strategy.  Lois enrolled me into a top tier 2-day sales class at no cost through her connections.  Through that session I learned to see the opportunities in growing my business differently.  Since word-of-mouth and referrals are a large part of my business, Lois scripted for me a way a comfortable way to nicely ask for referrals.  We planned updates and simple changes to the website,  created an enhanced presence on Linkedin, added service descriptions on Yelp, reworded the Craigslist description, worked on my value proposition, and competitive differentiation.  The business started to pick up immediately.  Two days after the Yelp site was up, a client found me.  Lois referred 4 clients to me in which there was add-on business. Four weeks later my revenue grew almost 40%! 

Win Customers and Develop Key Partnerships
Working with thousands of talented executives from all over the world, I gained a rare view from the top during my tenure at (Xerox) PARC.  In strategic business development with Sanmina-SCI, I worked with a medical device team to successfully lift revenues from $300K to just under a billion dollars over a 4 year period.  The team and I closed critical deals worth million of dollars with Intel Digital Health, Aurora Networks, Eli Lily, Varian Medical, Innovia, Inogen, and Health Hero. 

“It was my privilege to get to know and work with Lois Wong during her time at Sanmina-SCI in both the Medical Division and at Sanmina-SCI’s corporate campus. Each time I engaged with Lois on a project, she impressed me with her talent, professionalism and exceptionally effective hands-on approach. Her leadership skills, customer relations and savvy perspective in the areas of C-level engagement, strategic partnership development, sales strategies and tactical execution are unparalleled. Lois has an excellent ability to understand challenges at various stages in business development, and possesses an extraordinary capability to successfully help teams navigate through the entire strategic development and deal-making process.”   – Nusiar Jafri, Director, Sanmina-SCI 

Get Hired
Career Transition 

“Like millions of others, I sent out dozens of resumes, applied online, and followed up.  Many didn’t respond, but several attempts landed  interviews.  In fact, with multiple interviews, I was certain there soon would be a job offer.   Several companies have asked to “stay in touch”, with no guaranteed promises.  A few brought me in for repeat interviews.  Upon engaging with Lois, I immediately learned her key strategies, we used to tackle the employment ‘game’.  In two short weeks after face-to-face, email, and phone coaching meetings, I landed a new career, established new contacts, and helped a neighbor’s relative to get re-employed.”  – KL -  Database Engineer  

Build Strong Professional Relationships
Networking Basics & Advance Approaches 

“I had the pleasure of working with Lois for about a year, during which time I was very impressed with her social interaction and sales skills. Lois is a great relationship-developer who truly understands human psychology and buyer behavior which is why she was clearly so successful in opening so many doors at CxO level and expert in driving Medical industry solutions success at Sanmina. She remains a valued, trusted and respected individual with demonstrable sales and interpersonal skills.  – Andy Mears, Director, Sanmina-SCI 

Facilitate Meetings for Revenue Results
How often have you sat in long unproductive meetings?   Do you catch yourself day dreaming, rolling your eyes, or thinking you could be doing something else more worthwhile?  Learn the techniques of facilitating a meeting conducive to results and have fun at it!

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